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Machine Shop, Flow Bench & Dynojet Load Control Dyno.
New bolt-on cylinder or stroker kit. No machining required!
We doubled the coolant capacity so your engine runs cool.
Race tested Tudor Racing/JE piston, rings, wrist pin, clips
and our No-Blow top end gasket kit.
Increases overall reliability, horsepower and torque.
For more power, add on the performance parts below.
Our Custom BigJugs Bolt-On Cylinder 450cc Big Bore Kit or Drop-In 484cc Stroker Kit
12:1 Pump Gas or 13.5:1 Race Gas
Fits LTZ400, DRZ400, KLX400, KFX400, DVX400
Head Porting $340.00
Tudor Racing Cam Set $450.00
Tudor Racing Valve Spring Kit $290.00
Tudor Racing +1mm Valves $Call
Tudor Racing Billet Clutch Basket $190.00
44mm LECTRON Carburetor kit $340.00 Includes cable
40mm FCR Keihin Carburetor $Call
Dyna-FS Programable With Custom Map $345.00
450cc Big Bore Cylinder & Piston Kit
484cc Big Bore Stroker Kit Includes +4 Stroker Crank
Cylinder Kits Tested Best In the Desert Tough! Used By Team Johnson & Team ORC
Tudor's 484cc Stroker Kit
Team Johnson
Tudor's 450cc Bolt-On Kit
Team ORC
Big Bore & Stroker Kits